Fat Iguana ~ Eat well... Feel well

Moving Forward - 2021

New recipes are being developed in our Test Kitchen at this very moment.

We're working on a new BBQ Sauce

(Impeccable Pig - Jalapeno Blueberry)

as well as a new Hot Sauce

(Himalayan Black Truffle/ Red Jalapeño)

Our Story

Chef Steve Hunt-Lesage has adapted all our recipes from years of professional cooking experience in cafes and restaurants throughout Western Canada. Variations of our products have evolved from his recipes used in kitchens from Winnipeg, Regina, Banff, Lake Louise and Kelowna. 

As a Red Seal Chef his focus has always been on fresh ingredients and minimalist technique focusing on the foods natural flavours. Our recipes insure these same standards for the "at home" dining experience. 

Our packaged recipes along with the "Fresh Factor" ingredients, mean fresh & nutritional cafe style meals are available in under 30 minutes any day of the week. Gourmet home cooking has never been easier.

Our Test Kitchen is an actual home kitchen by design, to insure the results of our products & recipes are consistent regardless of kitchen size and tools available. Offering quality family meal options has been our goal from the beginning. 

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